Quick Answer: Is Jacksonville FL A Dangerous City?

What are the bad areas of Jacksonville FL?

The most dangerous areas in Jacksonville is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.29th And Chase.

Population 1,790.

East Jacksonville.

Population 2,371.



Moncrief Park.

Mixon Town.


New Town.More items….

Whats the worst city in Florida?

Below is a list of the metro areas and cities in Florida with the highest totals of violent crime:Miami.Orlando.Jacksonville.Tampa.Palm Beach.St. Petersburg.Tallahassee.Fort Lauderdale.More items…

What should I know before moving to Jacksonville FL?

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Jacksonville, FLJacksonville Climate. Like many notable cities in the Sunshine State, Jacksonville is categorized as a humid subtropical climate. … Jacksonville Neighborhoods. … Registering Your Car. … Jacksonville Schools. … Jacksonville Employment. … Living Costs in the City. … Jacksonville Moving Resources. … Jacksonville Transportation.More items…•

What is Jacksonville Florida famous for?

The Top 22 Attractions in JacksonvilleCatty Shack Ranch.The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.Little Talbot Island.Big Talbot Island.Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.The Florida Theatre.Riverside/Avondale.Kingsley Plantation.More items…

What celebrities live in Jacksonville Florida?

The ListBarbie Blank. Barbie Blank was born on 15th January 1987 in Jacksonville. … Patrika Darbo. Patrika Darbo, born on 6th April 1948 in Jacksonville is an actress and film producer. … Paula Kelly. Paula Kelly was born on 21st October 1943 in Jacksonville. … Patrick Heusinger.

Is Jacksonville FL safe to live?

Jacksonville crime rates are above average, but there are plenty of safe places to live. … As mentioned, Jacksonville is huge and many areas are perfectly safe.

Is Jacksonville the most dangerous city?

Jacksonville remains one of America’s most dangerous communities for pedestrians, according to a report released Tuesday by a national group promoting changes in street design. The city’s metropolitan area ranked fourth-worst nationally, a slight improvement from its No.

Is Jacksonville a ghetto?

The Short Jacksonville Ghetto Story The Jacksonville ghetto resides in a city strictly known as “DUVAL” and has been a reputable city in North Florida from the days of discrimination towards the city’s urban community to the days of the streets given the city the label of Florida’s “Murder Capitol”.

What is the safest area in Jacksonville FL?

Top 10 Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FLMandarin. The Mandarin neighborhood is located in the southernmost portion of Jacksonville. … Baymeadows. Baymeadows is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Jacksonville. … Bartram Park. … Riverview. … Downtown. … Riverside. … Southside. … Brentwood.More items…

What is the most ghetto city in Florida?

After analyzing all cities with 50,000 people or more, we came up with this list as the most ghetto places in Florida:Fort Myers (Photos)Lauderhill.Miami (Photos)Pompano Beach (Photos)Miami Gardens.Homestead (Photos)Kissimmee (Photos)Sanford (Photos)More items…

Why is Jacksonville so cheap?

Lower Cost of Living Compared to other major U.S. cities, Jacksonville usually has one of the lowest costs of living. That’s because the homes in this city are more affordable than average. Many people who move to Florida feel that they are trading higher living costs for nicer weather.

Should I move to Jacksonville FL?

Jacksonville offers tons of family fun. If your family enjoys sightseeing and entertainment, you’re moving to the right place. Families love the “River City by the Sea” because of its relaxed, fun and affordable atmosphere. You’ll find fun things to do in Jacksonville for kids of all ages.