What Does 1 GTT OS Mean?

What does GTT mean in pharmacy?

gtt.: Abbreviation meaning drops (from the Latin “guttae”, drops).

One of a number of hallowed abbreviations of Latin terms that have traditionally been used in prescriptions..

What does GTT mean in text?

GTTGlucose Tolerance Test Medical » Laboratory — and more…Rate it:GTTGot To talk Internet » ChatRate it:GTTGruppo Torinese Trasporti Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:GTTGateway to Technology Computing » TechnologyRate it:GTTGone to Texas That Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:20 more rows

What does insulin GTT mean?

Glucose tolerance testMedical Definition of Glucose tolerance test Abbreviated GTT. … The GTT result depends on a number of factors, including the ability of the intestines to absorb glucose, the power of the liver to take up and store glucose, the capacity of the pancreas to produce insulin, and the amount of ‘active’ insulin.

What does S stand for in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: SAbbreviationMeanings̅without (s with an overbar) (from Latin sine)SsacrumSxsymptoms surgery (though deemed by some as inappropriate)S1first heart sound168 more rows

What does q2hrs mean?

Every 2 HoursQ2HAcronymDefinitionQ2HEvery 2 Hours

What does 2 TDS mean on a prescription?

t.d.s, tds, TDS. 3 times a day. ter die sumendum.

Whats is OD?

OD is an abbreviation for “oculus dexter” which is Latin for “right eye.” OS is an abbreviation for “oculus sinister” which is Latin for “left eye.”

What does PO OD mean on a prescription?

od (oculus dexter) means “right eye” os (oculus sinister) means “left eye” po (per os) means “by mouth”

Why does GTTS mean drops?

A drop is abbreviated gtt, with gtts used for the plural, often seen on prescriptions. These abbreviations come from gutta (plural guttae), the Latin word for drop.

What does Qweek mean?

qweek. every week. Suggest to this list. Share QWEEK Abbreviation page. Alternatively search Google for qweek.

What does TDS mean on a prescription?

stat = immediately. t. d. s. = ter die sumendum (to be taken three times daily) t.i.d. = ter in die (three times daily)

How do you write twice a week in medical terms?

So, for clarity when ordering medications, avoid using these words. Instead, use terms such as “twice a week,” “every other week” (or “every 2 weeks”), or “every other month.” Figure 1 shows an interesting example of a potential error caused by an electronically generated prescription form.

What does 1 GTT OD mean?

“1 drop twice a day each eye”

What does II GTTS OU bid mean?

After mealsThe doctor writes: ii gtts ou bid. What does this mean? Two drops in each eye twice a day. The abbreviation PC means: After meals.

What does QID mean?

quater in dieq.i.d. (or qid or QID) is four times a day; q.i.d. stands for “quater in die” (in Latin, 4 times a day). q_h: If a medicine is to be taken every so-many hours, it is written “q_h”; the “q” standing for “quaque” and the “h” indicating the number of hours.