What If The SSS Pensioner Dies?

Do pensions end at death?

Pensions don’t automatically ‘sort themselves out’ when someone dies.

It’s possible that a spouse or another beneficiary might benefit.

But the amount claimed depends on the type of pension, the age of the deceased and their beneficiaries..

How do I transfer my pension after death?

The spouse may inform the Bank of death of the pensioner and request the bank for commencement of family pension, through a simple letter. He/she may enclose a copy of death certificate of pensioner, PPO, proof of his/her own age/date of birth and an undertaking for recovery of excess payment.

How can I claim SSS EC?

The claim shall be filed with the SSS branch within three years from the date of the occurrence of the contingency (sickness, injury or death). Forms to be accomplished: All EC claims shall be filed using the prescribed forms furnished by the SSS and endorsed by the employer or his duly authorized representative.

Can I stop paying SSS after 10 years?

You can stop paying contribution after you make a final SSS benefit claim for total disability or retirement. Although you only need a minimum of 120 monthly contributions to qualify for a retirement pension, it doesn’t mean you should stop paying contributions once you reach this amount.

What is a death grant?

Death grants If you die within 10 years of retiring, and you are under age 75 at the date of your death, your dependants or the person previously chosen by you will get a lump sum, known as a death grant. This will be equal to ten years’ pension, less any pension you have already received.

How much is SSS burial?

The Funeral Benefit is a variable amount ranging from a minimum of P20,000.00 to maximum of P40,000.00, depending on the member’s number of paid contributions and average monthly salary credit.

Who is eligible for lump sum death benefit?

A one-time lump-sum death payment of $255 can be paid to the surviving spouse if he or she was living with the deceased; or, if living apart, was receiving certain Social Security benefits on the deceased’s record.

What is EC death in SSS?

The Employees’ Compensation (EC) program aims to assist workers who suffer work-connected sickness or injury resulting in disability or death. The benefits under the EC program may be enjoyed simultaneously with benefits under the social security program effective June 1984. 1. 2.

How much is SSS monthly pension?

The amount of the monthly pension will be based on the member’s number of paid contributions and the years of membership prior to the semester of disability. The lowest monthly pension is P1,000 for members with less than 10 credited years of service (CYS); P1,200 with at least 10 CYS; and P2,400 with at least 20 CYS.

Who are the secondary beneficiary in SSS?

If the member is single and without children, the benefits will go to the dependent parents who are considered the secondary beneficiaries. In the absence of both primary and secondary beneficiaries, any other person designated by the member in his/her SSS records shall be considered as the beneficiary.

How do I report my SSS pension death?

Death BenefitDeath Claim Application (SSS Form DDR-1);Affidavit of Death Benefit, if claimant is secondary beneficary (SSS Form CLD-1.3A)Filer’s Affidavit (Sinumpaang Sanaysay)Other Affidavit, whichever is applicable. … Report of Death (SSS Form BPN-105), if death is work-related.Claimant’s photo, signature form and valid IDs.More items…

What happens to the SSS death benefit when the primary beneficiary dies?

8282 also known as the “Social Security Law” that “upon the death of a member who has paid at least thirty-six (36) monthly contributions prior to the semester of death, his primary beneficiaries shall be entitled to the monthly pension: Provided, that if he has no primary beneficiaries, his secondary beneficiaries …

How is EC benefit calculated?

Computation for EC Benefitexclude the semester of sickness/contingency.select the 6 highest Monthly Salary Credits within the last 12 month preceding the semester of contingency to arrive at the Total Monthly Salary Credit (TMSC)divide the TMSC by 180 to get the Average Daily Salary Credit (ADSC)More items…•

How is SSS EC claim calculated?

Multiply the average daily salary credit by 90 percent to get the daily sickness allowance. Multiply the daily sickness allowance by approved number of days to arrive at the amount of benefit due. … The total monthly salary credit would be divided by 180 to get the average daily salary credit of P500 (P90,000/180).

How long does a death benefit claim take?

On the basis that the Act provides a retirement fund twelve months in which to conduct its investigation, a claimant recently instituted proceedings in the South Gauteng High Court claiming that late payment interest on the lump sum death benefit should commence running twelve months from the date of the death of the …

How much is SSS lump sum?

Benefit Computation The monthly pension will be the highest amount resulting from either one of these three pension formulae: the sum of P300 plus 20 percent of the average monthly salary credit plus two percent of the average monthly salary credit for each credited year of service (CYS) in excess of ten years; or.

Who can claim SSS pension after death?

A monthly death pension is granted to the primary beneficiary/ies of the deceased member who had paid at least 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of death. Primary beneficiary/ies: the dependent spouse until he/she remarries, and.

Who can claim death benefit?

En español | Only the widow, widower or child of a Social Security beneficiary can collect the $255 death benefit. Priority goes to a surviving spouse if any of the following apply: The widow or widower was living with the deceased at the time of death.